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01 July 2014 @ 02:19 pm
“Mix Until Absurd” went live on Bandcamp this morning.


Here’s how things work…. The full album is set up as a “pay what you want…no minimum” download. Though it may seem odd, individual tracks do have a minimum cost. The point of that is, free downloads are limited to 200 per month and I’d rather not have some people miss out because that number was reached for single songs.

The purpose of this exercise is, first and foremost, to get the songs heard. I don’t want anyone to ever tell me they didn’t grab them because they couldn’t afford it. (I don’t want anyone to tell me they didn’t grab them because they expected crap…but, still, I’d find that much more tolerable. :) )

If you do decide to contribute, a few good things happen: Bandcamp makes some money, I’m motivated to acquire more musical toys, and someone else gets to use one of those free download slots.

For help in creating this, thanks go to other people who performed, did technical audio things, or both: Jane Garthson, Sue Jeffers, Tom Jeffers, Ken Lalonde, Deborah Linden, Karen Linsley, Amy McNally, Devin Melanson, Bill Roper, and Peggi Warner-Lalonde.

(So…what will I put on album #3? :D )